Team Managers

Your primary duties as a Team Manager are to relieve the administrative burden from your coaches, and bring in other parents to assist.  This involves three primary tasks, and a few smaller peripheral ones.


Key Duties

These are game-essential duties.  

  1. Confirm Your Games with the Opposing Team.  If you are HOME, contact the opposing manager the Weds before each game.  If you are AWAY, and have not heard from the coach by Thursday, contact them directly to confirm -- you can share the details they send with you with your team via Teamsnap.  Your counterpart is either the opposing Team Manager, the opposing coach, or the team scheduler.   We provide templates for home game email confirmation listed under the 'Notes for Opponents' column with directions to each field and the field/parking rules.  Please copy and email the text, not the link.  We include internal notes for Red Hawks families only under the 'Notes for Coaches/Managers' link: please share this with your team before the first home game so new families know where to go.
  2. Assign Parent Officers for Each Game.  Youth lacrosse requires more parent involvement in other youth sports, and I will help set expectations with all Red Hawks parents.  Each HOME game requires a scorekeeper, a timekeeper, and a Sideline Manager.  Each AWAY game requires a sideline manager and a table representative (8U games do not require these roles).  Most Team Managers will simply create a roster for the season and assign fellow parents, asking them to source their own replacements if needed.  I include a bit more on the roles, below.
  3. Add Game Scores to League website (home games only).


Other Duties

These are nice-to-haves that make the season more enjoyable and easy:

  1. Own Teamsnap.  You will each have admin authority for your team on Teamsnap.  Not too much is required here but your coach will look to you if games are changed or modified, or player numbers need updating. 
  2. Create/Delegate Team Roster Stickers: the scoresheet for each game must include a list of all players and jersey numbers.  As a convenience, it is easiest if the roster is printed on stickers/labels rather than writing in each name by hand.  Here's a template.
  3. Create/Delegate Team Lanyards: some teams will choose to print and laminate a handy list of players and numbers so we all know who to cheer for.  Again, a nice convenience.
  4. Arrange a Coach Thank-you Gift: not required, but very welcome by your coaches.
  5. Setup Game Day Shelter: some teams will erect shelters during rain and heavy sun.  This will fall to the team parents rather than the coach.


Getting Help

We have a number of experienced Team Managers on this list who can offer great guidance.  Email this list in the first instance and I will help if you do not get a reply from someone more experienced directly.  


Game Day Roles

All 10U, 12U, and 14U teams are required to provide volunteers to staff the table and manage the sideline.  More detail on these roles is provided here.

  • Score Keeper (home games only): record the home team roster on the score sheet, and tracks goals and penalties.  The score sheet becomes the official record of the game and is infrequently needed after the game in the event of a dispute.  Ensure the Team Manager receives a copy of the score sheet after every game.
  • Time Keeper (home games only): Keep time for each quarter/half, track penalty time, and sound the horn at the end of every quarter/half.  Time is tracked on your phone.
  • Table Observer (away games only): record the team roster on the opponent's score sheet, and sit at the game table.  Ensure that our team manager receives the score sheet after every game.