Team Placement Evaluations (aka Evals) Red Hawks is a no-cut club.  If your player is registered for an age group she or he will be assigned to a team.  Evals are designed with specific drills to assess player competency so our coaching staff can place players on teams where they will both have the opportunity to grow and the opportunity to succeed.  We also use evaluations to ensure we are registering teams at the appropriate level with our league. Evaluations of players for team placement is a continuous process throughout the preseason. There is not a single “tryout day.”

Player placement is determined by ability, experience, and an assessment of each child's potential.  Multisport athletes are welcome. While we do anticipate the occasional conflict with family events or the tail end of other sports seasons, we expect Red Hawks players to make every effort to attend each practice and every game, and to communicate with the coach in advance in the event an absence or tardiness is expected.

The Club aims to group players by age and experience where we can, and in-turn arrange the season's schedule to ensure that our teams are playing opposing teams similar to their own age and experience.  

For all team levels, Red Hawks coaches give starting priority to players who regularly attend games and practices. We strive to provide each player an equal opportunity to learn the game at practices, though this will not necessarily translate into equal playing time in each game, as commitment, effort, focus and individual athletic ability are factored into playing time decisions.

Our A level teams are geared towards winning their respective League titles, and with that comes an expectation that players on those teams are highly skilled, experienced, and share that goal. Thus, playing time is often determined by commitment to the team, performance on the field, efforts off-the-field (such as regular work on the bounceback), enthusiasm, hustle, and timeliness at practice.

At the B level, our goal is to develop skilled, confident and competitive players.  Every player will play in every game, and we aim to allocate equal playing time. However, equal playing time is not guaranteed in every game. Coaches have the discretion to play-to-win in tight games.  Thus, while coaches will make every concession towards equitable playing time, they may prioritize winning in highly competitive games.

At the 14U level, we stongly encourage players to self-advocate and to engage with their coaches directly on any of these issues.  Red Hawks coaches are receptive to players' concerns and will provide a detailed and honest reply.

Last Updated: 22 May 2021