You can use your uniform from last year, but make sure it fits!

2019 Uniform Store will open shortly.


We will have Red Hawks branded t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, and hats in time for the holidays.

We will send an announcement once the appearl store is open.


Players will need to be fully equipped every time they step on the field with Red Hawks. This includes all pre-season clinics, practices, and games. Lacrosse sticks and balls can cause serious injury to those who are not wearing protective gear. So gear up!



We help players source optional Gear Bags (for boys) and Shoulder Bags (for girls),  ordered through O'Neil KG Bags out of San Rafael, CA.   These things last forever, and are personalized with Red Hawks logo and your player's name. For best pricing, the club places only two orders: one before the holidays, and one before season start.


2020 Bag Store will open shortly.

Boys End
Girls Front