Lacrosse is an equipment-heavy sport; more so for the the girls than boys.  Required hardware:

Boys Kit

  • cleats -- soccer or football cleats are fine
  • gloves (any color)
  • arm pads (any color)
  • shoulder pads (any color)
  • cup
  • mouth guard -- tether to helmet is advised
  • helmet -- a black helmet is preferred though a red helmet is acceptable
  • stick
  • Goalies: goalie stick, throat guard, chest protector, goalie gloves

Girls Kit

  • cleats -- soccer cleats are fine
  • lacrosse eye protection/goggles
  • mouth guard
  • girls lacrosse stick
  • Goalies: goalie stick, helmet, throat guard, chest protector, goalie gloves, goalie pads, shin guards

The Red Hawks open an equipment store every year, but you can buy online anytime from  Laxzilla,, LacrosseMonkey, HerLacrosseMonkey,, and Lacrosse.comSlingIt! has a store in Belmont where you can try things on.  They are always very helpful.


Used Kit

The Red Hawks have a Used Equipment Program to ease the cost of getting started in lacrosse, especially at the younger ages.  Please contact for information on sourcing or donating used equipment.