​The West Valley Red Hawks youth lacrosse club is committed to conducting a 2021-2022 lacrosse season in a safe manner for all players, coaches, parents, and officials. As a member league of US Lacrosse, we endorse the safe “Return to Play” initiatives that have been developed and implemented at a national level.  

The Club’s COVID protocols are designed to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus both within teams and between opponents. The Red Hawks continue to review recommendations from local, state and national health organizations for any changes in guidelines for youth sports.  As a result, these guidelines may change over time.

Red Hawks activities take place exclusively outdoors.

The Red Hawks Santa Clara County COVID Designee is:

Rob Bohn

Obligations for Parents

Red Hawks parents shall:

  1. Keep their Red Hawk at home if they are at all symptomatic
  2. Remove their Red Hawk from practice for ten days if they have been notified of exposure
  3. Contact the Red Hawks COVID Designee, in confidence, immediately upon a player receiving a positive COVID test. 

Obligation for Coaches

Red Hawks Coaches shall:

  1. Confirm the relevant League, State, and County mitigation procedures prior to each game and ensure compliance. 
  2. Wear masks at all times at practice and games, regardless of vaccination status
  3. Ensure parents and spectators comply with mask and social distancing requirements
  4. Inform the COVID designee immediately in the event they receive notice of a positive exposure by a Red Hawk or opponent.

Obligations for the Club

In addition to enforcing these protocols and effecting state and county guidance, and regularly reminding the Red Hawks community of their importance, the Red Hawks club, through the Red Hawks President, shall:

  1. Inform parents immediately of any COVID exposure from a Red Hawk or opponent.
  2. Remind parents of their obligation to “self quarantine” any Red Hawk who has been exposed
  3. Notify the relevant League and County representative, and members of the relevant team, in the event a Red Hawk player tests positive for COVID.