Lacrosse entails accidental and purposeful contact at all levels of the game, for both boys and girls. Contact may result in a concussion. The Red Hawks use a formal process for managing concussions, of which the critical take-aways are:

  1. If you suspect a concussion or if your child is removed from play for a suspected concussion, you need to see a physician trained in concussion. This can be your pediatrician, internist, family practice or sports medicine doctor.
  2. Players removed from play cannot return to practice/games until cleared by a doctor trained in concussion management and a clearance note provided to our safety officer:
  3. Communicate with your coach before, during, and after professional assessment.

Our club follows the USA Lacrosse Concussion Diagnosis and Return to Play Guidelines for head injuries. This is based on the CDC Heads Up Recommendations.

Some parents may choose to perform baseline testing for their child. This process is done at the beginning of the season and facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of concussions should an event occur. We are fortunate that Dr Amy White Hockenbrock, who specializes in concussions, is a Red Hawk parent. Dr Hockenbrock is affiliated with the California Concussion Institute and can help arrange baseline testing at a discounted price. Additionally, if your child is at in an IMPACT affiliated school - they may already have baseline testing which can be used to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of concussions.  Please contact Amy directly if you would like to have baseline testing:

Dr. Amy White Hockenbrock