The Red Hawks exist to support lacrosse players at all levels.  While we welcome new players to the game at any age, we also aim to provide the best possible instruction and experience for our most dedicated and capable players.  To this end the Red Hawks usually field an “A Team” at the 12U and 14U levels.

A-level play provides an opportunity for stronger players to play at a higher level of competition with teammates of a similar skillset.  A-Level teams must develop an elevated level of cohesiveness and common understanding of offensive plays and defensive strategies. Practices are planned for a level of attendance and some plans require a number of players to be effective. We run A-level rosters small to ensure team consistency and performance.  All of these circumstances mean that player commitment directly affects the performance of the entire team at the A-Level.

The Red Hawks ask for your and your child’s commitment.  The Club recognizes that certain players may participate in other sports and activities. In doing so, conflicts arise as to what takes priority which affects a players commitment to their assigned team.  We ask more from our A Team players and families than we do other Red Hawks. We expect A-Level players and families to prioritize the following:

  • Work on your game outside of practice: use the wall, memorize plays and tactics, and improve your game every day
  • Attendance at all games in the season (absence of one can be expected, two is difficult).  Games cannot be missed regularly due to other commitments.
  • Attendance at the significant majority of practices in the season. Kids often have intermittent conflicts like a play production or another sports season’s winding down. This is acceptable, so long as issues are flagged with your coach well in advance, and it is not a regular occurence.
  • Other practices -- band, soccer, or sports -- cannot trump A-team practices.  If you’re looking to split time event between sports, A-Level play is not be the best option.  Working around schedules is acceptable if cleared with your coach, but lacrosse practice comes first in the spring season.
  • Singular events -- games, plays, productions -- may trump practice, but should not result in a player’s missing both practices in a week, or missing practices regularly.

Additionally, while we hope that all of our Red Hawks players at every level will work to get better outside of practice, for A team players, additional stickwork and or quickness & agility work may be assigned to players to complete outside of practice and players are expected to complete that work on a weekly basis outside of practice.

The Red Hawks encourage athletes and talented youth, so we want to make accommodations for conflicts when they arise.  However, you and your Red Hawks will be held to a higher standard when playing A-Level ball.

Above all else, please communicate actively with the coach at the beginning of every season, and well before of any conflicts.  If you see potential conflicts arising before the team selection is made, please flag these with your coaches for open and frank discussion.  It is difficult to make codified rules around this subject without being overly draconian or discouraging a player, so we want to stress that good communication is paramount to addressing conflicts before they arise.

We ask parents and players to agree to these expectations, and commit to this standard, before accepting a position on a Red Hawks A Team.