The RedHawks uniform store is now OPEN.  If you require a new uniform, or a replacement uniform, you MUST order by DECEMBER 16, 2017. The store will close at 11:59pm on December 16th and all uniform orders will go into production immediately.  No late orders, no exceptions.
If  last year’s uniform still fits — you can use it again, but please try on all uniform pieces to confirm!

Required Uniform Pieces


  • reversible game jersey — required
  • shorts — required
  • practice pinnie — required
  • shooter shirt — required (not required at 8U)
  • socks — black; any black pair is allowed


  • reversible game racerback — required
  • kit — required
  • practice pinnie — required
  • socks — any socks, at the coach’s discretion

Uniform Delivery

Uniforms will be mailed to you directly in mid- to late January.


Refer to the sizing chart at the top of the order page to ensure correct sizes.  IMPORTANT:  consider ordering a size up to account for growth spurts, or to get more than one year out of the uniform.  Boys uniforms must accommodate shoulder pads, so bigger is better.


If you have questions, please feel free to call Leslie Wood at 408-621-2908.